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New goodies....
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Get Your Hands Dirty!

Today, not only was it just okay to get your hands dirty, it was highly encouraged at the 2nd Annual Burns Square "Avenida de Colores" Chalk Festival in Sarasota! South Pineapple Avenue was being turned into a "gallery on pavement" right before our eyes. wow!! very cool.

There were both professionals creating works of art for the festival's theme "Flora, the sensual goddess of spring" and there were also younger students and clubs decking out the pavement with chalk too! Join me for a quick stroll down the avenue...
Professional designers and artists worked from "Flora-type" images depicting blooming flowers, vines, trees, goddesses, dragonflies and Koi to images representing love & romance.
The younger artists' design from Sarasota's Karate Club...

and the Skate Team...

You could also purchase chalk and pastels in the Children's Chalk Area for kids to create a 2x2 panel for a large "quilt-like" effect.

Ethan and Selby pondering what to draw...
It was so hot that we stopped to get the kid's some ice cream. Mmmmmm, Ben & Jerry's - they did share a bite.

I am fired up to go home and create!
Be sure and get your hands dirty in some creative endeavor this weekend - you're washable! ;)



completely incense-ative!

I love incense!
Patchouli, Sandalwood, Nag Champa and Egyptian Musk.... these are a just few of my favorite scents to burn. If I could, I would smoke up the house completely with these magnificent incense sticks!! You have to be careful as to what kind you get though, some just plain ol' stink!

Anyhoo, I also enjoy making incense holders out of stained glass. I just finished several this weekend so I thought it appropriate to show you what I have been up to.

Each incense holder still has a little polishing left, but they should be ready to Etsy by this weekend.

Well, off to bed. Little chillin's will need my full attention tomorrow. I am expecting 18 on role tomorrow (OMG!). Perhaps i should start burning Lavender incense - it is calming and stress relieving.



Spread the sunshine by sharing some creativity...

Buddha sculpture with spring flowers at Selby Gardens
With all the beautiful awakenings that happen during spring time it occured to me today that this is also a wonderful time to awaken that creative spirit in each of us.

So what exactly does that mean? My perspective comes from a visual slant. I feel "creative stuff" on the inside that just channels itself into three dimentional form whether it be my glass or through my paintings.

I know that my sister Liz is able to do the same through her writing.

And, well i guess it would be only fitting that my mother Marcy seems to have mastered both the painting and the writing!

Music is also another amazing way to let that creative spirit out. My former husband, Ethan's Daddy, has amazing talent on the keyboard and I can already see the beginnings of that gift manifesting through Ethan's voice - even at 6 yrs old! He began his first piano lesson yesterday. Today he was singing "Mad World" after hearing American Idol's, Adam Lambert perform the song.

By day I am "Ms. Dianne," the crazy preschool teacher, according to the kids and well... some of my fellow teachers. ;) Today I took my 17 three year olds through a journey of "Hands."

We talked about prehistoric art and the handprints on cave walls. Next, we proceeded to create our own arty prehistoric cave wall out of brown craft paper, paint and crayons. We painted stones in red, yellow and brown in our Science Center. In the block center we created our own versions of Stonehenge. To complete the daily theme we learned about the proper way to wash our hands, we made music using Handbells, ran Caveman races outside and talked about using our hands for sign language. Whew! You would not believe the amount of time my lesson plans take for this particular school. Yes, this is all for one day in preschool! My hope is that 'my kids' are able to find that creative space early within their childhood development and then own it for life! For the time being maybe I am to be a vehicle that helps awaken the creative spirit, which already exhists, within each child (?) Perhaps this is my greater purpose as an artist at the moment. Lord knows that after teaching all day, then being mom when I get home hasn't left me with the greatest amount of energy or time to be in my studio creating as much as I would like. This (exhaustion) too shall pass, right? LOL!

So with all this being said, I encourage you to enjoy the beauty of nature on the outside this magnificent spring, but to also allow the inside garden of your creative soul to bloom too. Plant those seeds of creativity in your own unique way. Be sure to give them lots of love and sunshine and just see how beautiful your ideas really are and what they can grow to become. :)

Nature's Stained Glass - Seagrapes lit by sunshine at Selby Gardens

With blessings and love,

PS... I would love to hear about your creative journey! Send me a comment. ;)


kiss my glass

Well, it had to happen.... I have now offically joined the crazed world of blogsters in my family. I am a preschool teacher by day. I subject my 3's to constant messy art projects (thank goodness their parents have become very understanding). Two of my girls always end up with paint in their hair so I decided to put pink streaks in my hair this week as well... ;) My boss did not seem to mind it too much! LOL.

Early morning and late afternoon I am known as "Mom" to my most inspiring work of art yet, my son, Ethan. He is in 1st grade and Tiger Cubs. We stay busy. OMG!

I am an artist. I attempt to avoid mating the word "starving" with it. I spent many years creating mixed media paintings with watercolors, colored pencils and acrylics. Over the past 6 years I have been focusing on a new avenue... stained glass. WOW, do i love it! Even if I am not able to be a full time artist at the moment, I do find myself slipping into my studio (ok, the reality... its a work table in a garage at the moment) at odd times and happily lose my sense of reality for a while. What comes out are fun, whimsical, kinda organic designs that just love to kiss the sunshine. They are made with happiness and love. Each piece is unique and has its own special characteristics.

I hope my weekly meanderings invite you into my "not so normal world" and make you laugh. My life as an artist, teacher and single parent certainly leaves room for LOTS of good stories! Jump on in and visit me frequently! I'm glad to have you here. You can never have too many friends.